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When I'm composing proverbs or poems, I always seek out my experiences, set myself in the conditions I've lived, feel the feeling I once experienced, and start typing. Forgiveness is something I once experienced very strongly and would like to share that experience with you.

When my mom got married to the man who became my stepfather. I got new grandparents. My grandmother was very good to me, but my grandfather was from the old school and did not accept this visiting girl from Reykjavik. He used to discriminate against me among my siblings in various ways. For example, by failing to give me money while they got it. I also remember when he was dying, he asked for my forgiveness. I was young, and I just said yes. In fact, I was too young at that time to say anything else, and I did not forgive him in my mind.

Much later, when all my children were born, I was ready to forgive my grandfather. I found that, for all those years, I had a burden that I was ready to let go of. I specially prepared myself, and on my grandfather's 100th birthday in 2003, I sat up in bed and thought of him, and we had a good conversation about the past. I accepted his forgiveness, and I let go of the painful youth associated with him. The feeling that came after was an incredible relief. I really felt like a heavy burden was lifted and I could go on. These feelings came to me by surprise because I had not thought that my relationship with my grandfather had affected my daily life.

As I am writing to you, I would like to share with you the amazing feeling of how bad experiences can lead to joy and benefit in your life, which now, years later, has become a quote for you to enjoy. This quote is Forgiveness. Still, my grandfather and I have conversations in my mind, and I ask him for advice. I think kindly of him, and I am thankful for the relationship we have today.

Love and hugs, Hulda

“Forgiveness is truly a gift. Remember, it will not mean that everything was acceptable, but that you are freeing yourself of the incident or person. You will be able to get on with life once more, having lifted a load off your back.“  - Hulda
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