My personal experience about friendship goes a long way, let me share my story. From an early age, it was easy for me to get to know other kids. I was a happy child. I went to school from the age of seven, and there I had my first experience of bullying from some of my “friends”. Needless to say, friendship was gone. For two whole years, I suffered and went from a happy, playful kid to a non-trusting, sad, and insecure one. I didn´t tell anybody about this, I just carried it myself, trying to survive each day.

Luckily, my home was a safe house where I had my loving family and the animals on our farm. I put all of my love into our first cat-named Kissy from that story or movie Roots (Rætur in Icelandic). Oh, how much I loved that cat. I can remember that I even made a sandbox for her with her own name on it, painted in yellow.

Another dear friend of mine was a sheep, called Hyrna (meaning with horns). I really think she could understand me and we trusted each other. I could lay for hours with her, patting her and spending time together. I remember an example of how strong our friendship was when Hyrna was only on her second year. She was with 6 other sheep, and this group was a bit crazy (teenagers) and not easy to get hold of. One of them called Karmella (Caramel) got stuck in a net and nobody could come near without them going crazy, except me. Hyrna trusted me to help her friend. Which I did. 

I trusted animals, but I didn´t trust people and for years after grammar school  I didn't really connect to people because I was so afraid of getting hurt. It took me six or seven years to be able to trust people again and it is still never easy. It takes time to gain my trust and today I have a few best friends, a lot of good relations and many acquaintances which some might become my best friends later on. Who knows? 

I should mention my life long friendship, which is with my self. The most important friendship in life is with yourself because you spend the most time with you, right?
It is important to enjoy your own company, love yourself, and be thankful for who you are, regardless of your looks, gender, race or age. You are just a person, a human being, worthy of love, respect, and the right to be yourself!

All my best, Hulda 

“Friendship is not at all concerned about distance, time or age; it’s about love, respect, and affection.“ - Hulda

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