My own life was the inspiration for writing this quote. I remember having thoughts about finding the right guy to marry and have children with - and I also remember thinking how he would make me happy. It was not until much later that I realized how wrong I was. The person responsible for my own happiness was ME. And no one else! When I realized that I began to OWN my life. Can you believe it?😘  

Understanding that didn’t happen overnight for me. It, it happened gradually over time and is still in process. It is not a constant feeling and changes from time to time depending on many things. To be happy requires me to be aware of the things that make me happy; to allow them to be a part of my life, not waiting for them to pop up. If I wait, then they might never happen.

One thing is very clear to me: to focus on being fully present and to breathe in the moment makes me happier. If I grab that feeling and pay attention to the surroundings and to the people with me, then I am living. One other very important thing is being thankful for every little detail. I am blessed and happy at the same time. 

I know it is not always easy to be thankful and to be fully present all of the time, but we can try. We can remind ourselves from time to time and sense that happiness every now and then. At least it´s a start. 

Making a list works for me, so I made one, with the things that make me happy. It is a growing and evolving list and also new, so to be honest, I don´t know if it is gonna work in the long run. Some things might go to the trash, and I will fill the gap with something else that I need and enjoy. It is like cleaning your home, you are never finished but it can be beautiful all the time if you take care of it.  My happiness list is partly a secret but I can share some of it just to help you understand how this list works.

My Happiness list:
1. Meditate 5-30 minutes daily
2. Take care of my body, workout, eat healthy

3. Have good relations with my folks
4. Socialize
5. Take care of my looks
6. Take care of my home

...and so on...

I write how I can work on these things, and which actions I can do right now in order to see some positive results which motivate me to continue the good work. 

Does making a list help you or something else?

Share with us what works for you.

With all my best,


“Happiness. No one else can bring you happiness. You alone are responsible; it’s merely a question of choice and attitude. Happiness is all in the mind - no one can buy or give it.“ ❤️ - Hulda 

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