When facing uncertain times, maybe waiting for bad news you might shut down because you are so worried. You might not feel it but you understand it when you get the good news, and the relief flows over your body. In this situation, If you can help it, try not to shut down or crawl into a pit. Try to focus on good things and thoughts. It might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it makes things easier.  

Let me tell you a story. 

I think I was born with hope, but hope hasn´t always been there for me. For a long period in my life, I had no hope of a better life and I always assumed the worst would happen. I felt hopeless and saw myself as a victim with no potential. Then I got a message from a wise person who told me to begin to expect the best to happen and to hope for the best. Things would turn over. And so they did.

As a young girl, I had the freedom to have hopes and dreams. My mind was free and I could do anything I wanted. I would have a great career, live in a big city like Rome, New York or Paris, but the dream of having a family wasn´t there yet. There was a boyfriend... but no children.

With this dream, I went away to Italy to study fashion design. Two years after receiving my diploma I went back to Iceland for what was supposed to be a short period. I had found a school in Rome for further studies, but I had to work for several months in Iceland before returning to Italy.

Where I found myself a job, I also found a boyfriend who later became my husband and father of my children. I didn´t return to Italy for studies, just as a tourist but I have hopes and dreams to return again for long periods. Last summer I took my daughters there for several days and they fell in love with my adopted hometown, Perugia. 

I don´t know what might have happened if I would have returned to Italy that year, but I know I would not have had my children since they weren´t even in my dreams. They just came and became a big part of my new hopes and dreams.

I´ve told you about this wise person who advised me to expect good things to happen. I´ve kept that in mind ever since, just to save me the burden of worrying too much when things are tough. 

“Hope is worth caring for; hopes keep you going and lift you over the hurdles in life. Hold your dreams tight and watch out: they’ll come true!“ - Hulda

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