How to Achieve True Happiness by Romina Tomas

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Many people fail to differentiate between pleasure and happiness. Pleasure is normally fleeting and orchestrated while happiness is spontaneous and natural. It does not demand money for a person to be happy because happiness is not a euphoric feeling.

True happiness is realizing that you can achieve something without fulfilling outside desires.  Cecilia Rowlands a Dubai-based former mental health nurse now a counselor attests that individuals assert too much pressure on themselves to achieve happiness but eventually they get frustrated.

A typical human being believes that being happy is getting perfect love match, accumulating too much fortune, gaining respect, being successful and many other good things associated with life but in my opinion, their perspective is wrong.

Some facts about happiness:

⇒ Happiness cannot be measured but it can be experienced by anyone regardless of their status. Happiness is so much more than an attitude; it’s a way of life that influences every area of your life.

⇒ Happiness cannot be measured but it can be experienced by anyone who truly seeks it.

⇒ Happiness is an inside job, once you decide to lead a happy life; happiness will be part of who you are. It is important to know that we are as happy as we spread happiness to others.

The following are some of the attributes a person must have to enjoy a purposeful and happy life:

Set a proper mindset

A proper mindset shapes a person’s view on life issues.  Mental attitude does not solely depend on environmental conditions but the attitude an individual has towards life issues. The way how an individual deals with life problems he/she eventually determines how happy he/she is. For example, people living in the streets can be happier than people living in mansions because there are many different factors to take into consideration when talking about happiness.

Develop an inner discipline

Psychologists believe that that discipline transforms our behaviors and attitude toward life.  The way how we control our inner sensitivity gives us a chance to have control and focus on the present time.  Learning how to respond to negative tendencies and things which hurt us takes us to the road of achieving true happiness which roams from within.

Be positive

Being positive about everything we do in our life gives hope that everything will be okay eventually. Pessimistic emotions instead lead individuals into giving up because they believe that they cannot push through the problems they face.  In many times the negative response is not based on reality but perception. You can think negatively or positively, ultimately the choice lies within.

Express gratitude

It is important to appreciate what we already have otherwise we will never have happiness in life. Human beings tend to fail to be satisfied with what they have instead they envy and wish to have what others already have. External forces push people’s desire to want what they do not have and in many cases, their desires are unrealistic or very hard to achieve.

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