I can´t - I have no money!

Never let money stand in the way of making your dreams come true!

“Well, you might say, “That´s easy for you to say, you don´t know my situation.“ That´s true. I don´t. But I do know what it is like not having money letting that stand in the way of my dreams until I decided to reverse my thinking.

Let me explain, I write down my dream, it can be small or big, it can be about my family, vacation, work, or whatever. Then, I gather information about how I really want it to be, and I visualize the outcome. Next, I start to think about how and where  I can begin to take action. Do I ask for assistance? From whom? Do I make some calls or emails? Can I start without money? Maybe someone can offer me these things for little or for free. Do I need a loan, or can I raise the money? 

Now I am looking for solutions and answers instead of worrying about the hurdles, and that will get me started.  All of a sudden the dream is no longer out of reach because I have seen it in my mind. Keep in mind that you are worthy of reaching your goals, just like everyone else. You are worthy and you are allowed to make your dreams come true. 

It is like having a button. You can switch positive thinking and problem solving On or Off and it is all in your head, you decide ON or OFF. 

Love and hugs, Hulda

“Finding a way. A lot can be done without money. Ideas come up that would otherwise never have occurred. Therefore, never let a money shortage tell you that you can’t do something. You’ll find a way if you look.“ - Hulda

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