This happened some years ago when I was trying to keep everything afloat in my family. I was trying to maintain a healthy relationship with my ex-husband, which was really impossible, and I was under heavy stress taking care of my work and children. So, you may understand what was going on, or at least understand that I was not balanced. Looking back, I feel embarrassed about my behavior, but I was a whole other person, so I´ve forgiven myself and accepted it.

We were going skiing in Iceland, and we needed some equipment. The assistant asked the wrong questions and said the wrong words, in my opinion, and I snapped at him. The whole day I felt embarrassed, 🙄 but I knew the source of it all. I was tired, frustrated and unhappy. It had nothing to do with the poor guy, who was so unfortunate to meet me. If I had shown kindness to him from the beginning, we all would have enjoyed the day. Finally, when my ex-husband came to fetch us, I snapped at him for being so late, which he was. From that moment, the day was ruined for everybody.

I wish I would have had more help back then so we could have enjoyed life more. There was so much grief and hurt at that time and I can only imagine how it was for my children. I just wish I could have given them a better childhood. 

When I felt so unhappy, my feelings mirrored my behavior, and I can´t say that I was always kind, that would be a lie. I hope I´ve learned something from this, even though at times I feel lousy, I can be a nice person, I can show kindness towards others, and the thing is when I do I feel better. Can you relate to this?

If we are kind, we will be treated much better and get the respect we want. We may have to stand up for ourselves, but we can do it with respect and dignity.  Always answer with politeness and kindness, believe me, unkind people are suffering, and all they need is love. ❤️ In most cases at least.

Love, Hulda


“Kindness. By showing kindness and affection, we can change the world around us. Miracles may happen when we show respect and warmth to others. - Hulda

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