Letting go

Let go

Letting go has been one of the hardest things for me because it always seemed like giving up. But that is not the case. It is about letting go when it is time and about freeing yourself from a burden you should not carry anymore❤️.

It has happened a few times in my life that I have been reluctant to release something or somebody. Here are two examples from my life.

My husband and I had a company, and everything was getting worse and worse. He wanted to quit and close or sell the company, but I was naive and believed that things could turn over. For me it was about losing; all that work was going to be worthless and we would have nothing. So I said to him that we could try and work even harder. It was not until we were about to lose everything that I finally realized how bad it was. Despite our hope and hard work, it was too late and we were facing bankruptcy. 

The second time was my marriage. For me, it was the hardest thing to give up and admit it was coming to an end. It was hard to admit that my family would never have this “normal“ future with two parents together, facing everything together in a happy bliss—well, also the bad things, but at least facing them together. Again, I tried and tried for years, and in that time I lost myself. For a while, I lost the ability to see what was best for my family and me and my judgment was distorted. Finally, I was forced to take action after a terrible day. I took my kids to my parents and got a call from the police that our house was on fire. Then, I finally understood what I had to do for myself and my children.  -Get a divorce. 

I think the reluctance to let go comes from my youth; sticking around until the damage is done, seeing it through, for better or for worse, and hoping for the best. I don´t know whether I´ve learned anything from these experiences, except along the way I have learned to listen to my heart and hopefully I will never lose that ability again. Sometimes the best way to grow is to let go of something or somebody.

Love and hugs, Hulda

“Letting go of something or someone may be difficult, but sometimes it´s the only way to keep going and growing. Remember it´s no defeat to recognise when enough is enough.“ - Hulda

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  • Nina on

    Hello, dear Hulda! Thank you for sharing your story! It touches my heart a lot and also makes me gratefully see and feel that I am not alone with my own contrast in life (even though on the outside it looks a lot different from yours). I am looking forward to reading more! Big hugs to you and much love! Nina

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