Life is a journey

It is so easy to go forward without thinking and even let others decide which direction to choose. If you choose to let others decide for you, you might end up in a situation you don´t want to be in. So think! Be in the driver’s seat in your own life and have opinions. You want to be able to thank or blame yourself, not others. That is how you create your own life.  😘 

Though you can choose the path, things happen, life happens, and one day everything has changed. Maybe someone close to you dies or gets sick or maybe something happens to you. Everything seems to fall apart. This is when you feel it might bend or even break you, but it matters how you react and continue. Do you blame everything on others or the situation or do you take control? Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Will you learn from it and even become grateful? 

At the moment we might not feel gratitude, but when time has healed the wounds, you might find things to be grateful for, or at least appreciate, how it has brought new experiences or perspectives to your life. 

When things are tough, allow your self to have feelings. Grief when you need to grief, cry or be sad when you feel you need to, but also allow yourself to laugh and have fun. Don´t be ashamed of having all kinds of feelings. Allow them to flow through you and be healing for your soul and mind. 

It is my experience that if you don´t listen to your feelings and act on them right away or very soon, they will be closed down. Eventually, they will try to come out again and again until you find a way to forgive or accept them. When you are able to forgive and accept you will grow and heal. 

All my best, Hulda

“Life is a journey where you’re the one who decides the path. There may be obstacles to surmount on the way, but once over them, allow yourself to enjoy the full satisfaction of that moment! Keep these experiences in mind as you move on in life, taking pride in who you are; then you’ll be ready for the pleasures of every day.“ - Hulda

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