Listen to your heart

It all began when I was in my home, thinking that I should change my life. Everything was falling apart, and I felt I was trying to do what others wanted me to do, instead of doing what I wanted to do. It was really simple, I decided to do what my heart told me. Since then, things have changed. 

Though the decision was very simple, the road that led to it was long and complicated. It began in my relationship with a man who later became my husband and the father of my children. I was in love and really admired how opinionated and decisive he was. He felt so strongly about everything and had opinions about things I didn´t even think about. He was so well read, and I felt stupid saying things.

He used to talk and talk about how things should be and if I didn´t agree he would talk some more until it was so much easier just to give up. Little by little, I began to wait for his opinion and one day I didn´t know what my opinion was anymore. 

It is so strange how a person can find themselves in that situation. Now it is so easy to say that I should have left, but I didn´t. I didn´t realize what was going on, I was so caught up in the middle of this sick environment. He had an illness, but neither of us realized it at the time.

Many years later when I was trying to find a way out, it hit me right in the face that I had to act on things and listen to myself. I knew what was right, and this was so wrong. I remember when I first said to him, “No, I won´t do that, this is wrong,” and I felt the power of me again.

From that moment things started to change, and the puzzle pieces began to fit in the right places.

Now I teach my children to do the same and I hope they will stick to it.

“Listen to your heart. Your heart will tell you what is right or wrong. Our feelings tell us what to do, so listening to them deep inside enables us to choose the right way.“  - Hulda.

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