Saying goodbye

It is impossible to go through life without saying goodbye to someone. It is easier if you know it will only be for a short time but when you know it will be for a long time or maybe forever it can be really hard. There for we should try to make the most of the moments we have together, we never know how many they will be.

If we are so lucky we live a relatively long and good life, with happy and sad times and everything in between. We go through childhood, being teenagers, adult life and finally old. On this journey it is inevitable to loose somebody, not only by death but also by divorce, illness, growing apart, movement etc.

In this matter I would like to share with you my experience on the sadness or regrets about times that have passed by. My children grew up only having me around as a parent for many years, I tried to do my best and they are doing fine so I must have done something right.

When thinking back I feel sadness of not having enjoyed every moment with them, being there fully present. Don´t misunderstand me, I did from time to time and I really do love them, but you know, life happened, work, paying bills, household and many other worries f.ex. not being around for my children, what would happen if I would die? That was I question I asked my self so many times. Now that they are almost grown I don´t have that fear anymore, and I´ve seen how independent they´ve become, living their own lives, and I become so proud of them. 

I give myself some slack, knowing it is better not to live in regrets, embrace every good moment and go forward, heaving learned from it. Today I really try to be more present and take every moment I get with them not for granted but with gratitude. That´s the best I can do. 

Love and hugs, Hulda

“In life, it's normal having to say goodbye to friends, relatives and life partners who either go for a long or short period of time or even leave forever. Enjoy the moments before you have to say goodbye, these moments are so precious.“ - Hulda



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