Being strong doesn´t mean that we can´t cry or show feelings. To me being strong means facing reality, acting on things, solving problems, standing up for your self and your family, and taking care of your mental and physical health. 

Difficulties may bend or break me at times, but standing up afterward is being strong. To stand up again might take a while, and getting the help to do so can be difficult for some people.

When I faced difficulties some time ago, I sought out all the help I could get. I was open to listening, and I tried to find solutions. After the death of my ex-husband I had to be strong to hold things together, but it affected my health as well. Just three months later I got PTSD, and I had to leave my job to focus on my health. I was determined to get my health back, so I began with slow walking in nature, some meditation and yoga, and I tried to push away stress. Bit by bit, I gained energy and strength to start working again after several months. This helped me to understand how to take care of myself and also that this work never ends. To maintain energy and fulfillment, I have to keep doing this for the rest of my life. Sometimes I manage and sometimes not. Good sleep, healthy food, and exercise help a lot, and being in harmony with the people around me is necessary.

“What doesn´t kill you, makes you stronger,“ is an old saying, which I used to believe in, now I am not so sure. Why? After several traumas, it has been harder and harder to cope, and every time it takes longer to recover. But, I think it may help me to be more understanding and grateful for my family and the good moments in life. Life is short and the line between life and death is so thin.

Take care and stay strong! 

Love, Hulda

“Strength. You don’t always have to be strong for the people around you. It’s only human to ask for assistance and accept help from others when you need it; doing so shows your inner strength. - Hulda



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