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Why Gratitude Matters - by Romina Tomas

Forgiveness romina tomas

Gratitude can be described as the quality where one is thankful for the good things received and achieved in life. Gratitude shows when we are appreciative and kind towards people without expecting anything back, most likely we will receive kindness in return, creating a circle of gratitude and appreciation that keeps moving us forward.

Practicing daily gratitude can be of great benefit as it can help us to get unstuck and to stay moving forward.

Many times we tend to overlook gratitude, thinking that it is not important. However, this article will...

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Forgiveness gift poster

When I'm composing proverbs or poems, I always seek in my experience, set myself in the conditions I've been in, feel the feeling I experienced and start typing. Forgiveness is something I once experienced very strongly and would like to share...

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