Thinking back to when I was a child - growing up in the countryside with my siblings, parents, and grandparents - I remember so many happy moments. Playing in the hay, fishing in the small river, or simply watching the stars and the northern lights from the ground. These were happy moments I now treasure, and wish for my kids.

Today, I would probably (if I were a child) watch my iPhone instead. It makes me a bit sad wondering if my kids will ever have the opportunities I had. The thing is, it is our parents who give us these opportunities, which we treasure later on. My kids might not find joy in the same things I did. After all, maybe the stars are not moving fast enough or the quiet is too loud. My kids will have other things and other memories, and hopefully, they will make happy moments for themselves which they will treasure.

The sad periods provide an opportunity for us to learn. How we support each other when things get rough and how we find a way to cope with things, how we mourn so differently and how to respect each other though we choose different ways. It is respect for the truth that matters and the trust between us that counts. If we break someone's trust for one reason or another, it is important to always, always try to make amends. When the heart is in the right place it is so much easier. 

When my children were younger and I was alone with them, I tried to invent things for us to do that didn´t cost too much. Just spending time together and making memories was the best. We used to play cards, and one special day I made an adventure day for them to meet a fortune teller. I dressed up as one and I read cards for them, telling them how great their future would be.

Now, when my children are living their own lives, I treasure the moments we have together and I feel so fortunate that they want to have me in their lives; visiting me or asking for my help or opinion, making jokes or talking about whatever we choose.

Have in mind that we will not remember all the gifts or the money spent, we will remember the people making memories with us.  

❤️Hugs and kisses❤️, Hulda.

“Treasures. Having friends and belonging to a family is important. Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to cry with others when sad or to laugh and enjoy life with them in times of cheer. But to be there for someone else, while at times accepting their help - such treasures are wealth.“ - Hulda.

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