What a game changer! - Every day is unique.

Hey you guys, long time no see!

I´ve been super busy and really not in the mood of writing. I hope you will forgive me ;) Today I want to write about optimism.

Early on, I learned not to make demands, I also learned that I shouldn´t ask for things from others; otherwise, I would be indebted to him/her. I should do things on my own, or if I couldn´t, I shouldn´t do them. This has been an obstacle to this day, but I am learning, though it is still difficult to ask for help when needed. When I do ask, I feel the need to offer help or some kind of payment in return. That is my pride speaking. 

We should consider that it is okay to accept help from others and it is okay to help others without excepting something in return. You might need help today, and next month you might be able to help another person. 

I grew up listening to my pessimistic grandfather and father who often saw the worst in everything. On the other hand, I grew up with endless beauty in Icelandic nature and tales which my grandmother and mother told my siblings and me. We had freedom and endless creativity, and for hours we used to make shows and theater for our family to enjoy. Everything was possible.

Some might say that I was childish because I always expected the very best from everything and everybody. My ex-husband thought differently. He analyzed every subject and prepared different solutions. He imagined how things could go wrong and made plans as if they would happen. I, on the other hand, wanted to make a plan only when things went wrong. 

This pessimism affected my life and my thinking and I began waiting for the worst to happen. There I was, with my fists clenched up waiting for the next attack, or I would attack before they could attack me. This affected me physically as mild anxiety and a constant feeling of having a rock in my stomach and stiff shoulders all the time. 

It wasn´t until I got a note from a good friend that I tried to change. The note said that I should start expecting the best to happen and that everything would be okay. At first, I tried to push away negativity. I was aware of how I spoke of others and I tried to give more by listening and being nicer. I pushed away bad thoughts and tried to visualize good things happening. 

Not everybody was ready for this kind of change, therefor some people left; but others came into my life

instead. These are people I like to have around.

As I´ve said before it is a matter of choice.  And what a change! 

Love and hugs, Hulda

Every day is unique. Only you can decide what to make of it. If you greet a new day with enthusiasm and optimism, life’s many gifts will bring you happiness. Even when you are hurt and experience sorrow, you will manage to grow and mature by responding with warmth and affection.“  - Hulda

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  • Nina on

    Loved reading it! I so relate to you writing about accepting help from others and that some people leave our lives when we start to change. And that new and beautiful relationships are formed. I happened to meet you in the process of my change and I’m very happy about it! <3

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