“What I´ve experienced on my way through life, has often been very helpful later, though I didn´t see it while it was happening to me, I realized later on how necessary these experiences were for me to be able to overcome the obstacle. Things do happen for a reason. 🤗 

I think we all have a purpose in life, we just are not always aware of it, and therefore we do not find happiness. I have been searching for a purpose for a long time, and I think I´ve finally found it. With my quotes and blogs, I hope to spread some love and warmth around. Let me tell you how I found my purpose. 

In my youth, I had to fight for the things I wanted. My father believed in hard work and independence. He was a proud man and never wanted us to get anything from others, for him it was charity. But it had its disadvantages, and I had to free myself from his authority. I began my independence by going to school, learning to drive, and educating my self abroad. All this was against his will at first, and I can still remember when he said that I could not get driver's license. He would drive me around while staying at his house and later, when I found myself a husband, my husband would take over. I can laugh now at this memory, but back in the day, I couldn´t. 

I found my self a husband who was not like my father

in so many ways. He was vibrant, could do everything, and anything was possible. I liked that. But, just like my father, it was his way or no way and again I had to fight for my independence. It took so many years to find the spirit to fight because I had this belief that we were a unit and that he would respect my wishes and we would always find a solution together. Well, that was not the case. We went our separate ways after 10 years of marriage. In the end, I was finally trying to find my own way, which felt right. 

After our divorce, I began to write lyrics based on my life, experiences I went through from childhood, it was my way to heal the past. At that time I had no idea what to do with these lyrics, but soon I saw that some were good and maybe I had a talent I should share, which I did. The lyrics were emotional, full of empathy, sympathy, kindness, and love. All based on experiences I knew and longed for which I would never have been able to write about without knowing or having had the past that I had.

It was wisdom I gained from the years that had passed which I am grateful for. I do not wish to relive it, but I would never wish that I had lived another life.

With all my love, Hulda

“Wisdom. I’m happy that when I was twenty, I lacked the wisdom I’ve acquired today. Otherwise, I would have avoided the mistakes I’ve made since then and would never have achieved the maturity I have today. We should be grateful for experience - even the experiences that hurt.“  - Hulda


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