Quotes by Hulda

“A true friend really listens to what you are saying. “A true friend becomes your shoulder to cry on, or the hand pulling you up when you start to fall.” 

“Affection. If we allow ourselves to be guided by kindness and an open mind in all instances, this will become our goal, and our relationships will grow in depth and beauty.“ 

“Courage. Sometimes it takes courage and determination to keep going. By studying our innermost mind, looking positively on ourselves and searching out our inner strengths, we will find the courage to continue.” 

“Every day is unique. Only you can decide what to make of it. If you greet a new day with enthusiasm and optimism, life’s many gifts will bring you happiness. Even when you are hurt and experience sorrow, you will manage to grow and mature by responding with warmth and affection.” 

“Finding a way. A lot can be done without money. Ideas come up that would otherwise never have occurred. Therefore, never let a money shortage tell you that you can’t do something. You’ll find a way if you look.“ 

“Forgiveness is truly a gift. Remember, it will not mean that everything was acceptable, but that you are freeing yourself. You will be able to get on with life once more, having lifted a load off your back.

“Friendship is not at all concerned about distance, time or age; it’s about love, respect and affection.” 

“Happiness. No one else can bring you happiness. You alone are responsible; it’s merely a question of choice and attitude. Happiness is all in the mind - no one can buy or give it. 

“Have faith in yourself! Feel confident. It’s OK to stumble; just get back up because you can do so much more than you think. Even when nothing seems to work out, you’ll always get another chance.  

“Hope is worth caring for; hopes keep you going and lift you over the hurdles in life. Hold your dreams tight and watch out: they’ll come true!

“Hugging. When we’re hugging another person, all the world’s problems vanish; affection for everything and everybody overwhelms us. Let’s hug each other as though there were no tomorrow!” 

“Kindness. By showing kindness and affection, we can change the world around us. Miracles may happen when we show respect and warmth to others.  

“Letting go of something or someone may be difficult, but sometimes it’s the only way to keep going and growing. Remember it’s no defeat to recognize when enough is enough. 

“Life is a journey where you’re the one who decides the path. There may be obstacles to surmount on the way, but once over them, allow yourself to enjoy the full satisfaction of that moment! Keep these experiences in mind as you move on in life, taking pride in who you are; then you’ll be ready for the pleasures of every day.” 

“Life is now! Let’s celebrate with our friends and relatives - laugh with them and enjoy being together. If we relish the moment, it can enter our memory and store smiles that we can retrieve in the far-off future. Just enjoy life, right now!”  

“Listen to your heart. Your heart will tell you what is right or wrong. Our feelings tell us what we ought to do, so listening to them deep inside enables us to choose the right way.” 

“Little moments. If you pay attention, finding happiness is easy as pie. The scents of spring blossoms that you were about to pass by can awaken happiness, or the gentle calm of twilight. If you just notice it, a mere moment can bring you happiness.” 

“Love catches you unaware, turns you upside down and takes over. It’s unpredictable, delightful, beautiful. Love takes on many forms and is necessary to life. Embrace love!“ 

“Solutions. Sometimes clashes between friends or members of a family can turn into bitter struggles which may be hard to solve. If we can all remember that winning is irrelevant in such cases, everyone will benefit!” 

“Step by step. Sometimes the only way to achieve your goal is by taking one small step at a time. Although you may stumble or even retreat a step or two, you shouldn’t give up! On the way you’ll learn the wisdom which you may need in the end.“ 

“Strength. You don’t always have to be strong for the people around you. It’s only human to ask for assistance and accept help from others when you need it; doing so shows your inner strength.”

“Take care. When we marry and have children, we sometimes forget to think of ourselves, putting everyone else in the foreground. Be careful not to lose sight of yourself in such circumstances: take care to take time out.”

“Treasures. Having friends and belonging to a family are important. Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to cry with others when sad or to laugh and enjoy life with them in times of cheer. But to be there for someone else, while at times accepting their help - such treasures are wealth.”  

“Trust. Although it takes courage to open up your heart to others, trusting and being trusted are a gift of the fortunate - a treasure for those so lucky. 

“Wisdom. I’m happy that when I was twenty, I lacked the wisdom I’ve acquired today. Otherwise, I would have avoided the mistakes I’ve made since then and would never have achieved the maturity I have today. We should be grateful for experience - even the experiences that hurt.